Aquaforte assists Investors (Limited Partners) to establish aligned, high-performing, Private Equity (PE) partnerships with General Partners (GPs).

Aquaforte seeks to combine alignment and performance through the selection of Private Equity funds that provide the highest possible benefit for LPs.


Aquaforte is NOT a fund, a fund-of-funds, or even a placement agent. It’s an aligned facilitator.

Aquaforte pursues differentiated PE investment strategies that are based on a key principle: alignment of interests between LPs and GPs. Everything we do is focused on establishing true partnerships among asset owners and asset managers.

Aquaforte was founded in 2015 by Derek Murphy, who established a $14 billion Private Equity program at a large Canadian pension plan (5 year net IRR of 19.43%), allocating in excess of $20 billion in PE investments.  During his 15 year PE career, Derek Murphy was directly involved in establishing 15 new PE firms, allocating in excess of $9 billion.  Since inception, Aquaforte has facilitated establishing three new PE firms with $US 800 million of Anchor investments.


Aquaforte negotiates preferred PE fund terms and economics for its clients with selected GPs. This is done in three domains:

1) Aquaforte launches de novo GPs in which successful PE investors are put into business for themselves (seeding);

2) Aquaforte helps existing GPs launch new investment strategies; and

3) Aquaforte helps existing GPs launch funds in which a single LP works with a single GP to quickly launch a bespoke fund; we call these funds-of-one.


Aquaforte’s goal is to align the interests of LPs and GPs and, in the process, deliver higher, more sustainable returns via actual partnership between GPs and LPs.  Aquaforte does this by assisting entrepreneurial PE investors, on behalf of Investors.